UM teki nopeasti tilanteenmukaisen päätöksen hanketuen käyttötarkoituksen muutoksesta ja Sirkku Kivistö lähetti rahat BAS:n tilille 26.7.

Yhteistyökumppanimme viestittivät tilanteen huononemisesta edelleen.

Dear friends,

Day 14….it brought no changes and everybody is still waiting for a glimpse of hope. The US human emotions are with the people of Lebanon, so they will send food for them and weapons to Israel….
The disaster on the social level will escalate to a very high level, due to the increasing numbers of displaced families who need every kind of aid and care. Even when a seize fire is imposed the social and economical problems will intensify for many years ahead.

Concerning the camps in the South many families defied the dangerous situation and took the risk to flee from the hell around them. From Rashidieyeh and Burj el-Shemali people are moving to Ein el-Helweh which hosted the people inside the UNRWA schools and others took refugees with relatives and friends. However the need for food and medication is increasing daily while the means to outreach those people is limited and dangerous. UNRWA which is supposed to be the main distributor is hardly being able to move around. Yesterday a French ship tried to reach the UN troops in Nakoura but was ordered by the Israelis to leave immediately. From another side one of the UN posts was hit by the Israelis being over all international regulations and law, 4 soldiers were killed and supposedly an investigation will be held to verify about the cause of such friendly fires….
Our centers are still working on the survey concerning the displaced families who reached as far as Naher el-Bared camp in the North, which is a very difficult job since the number keep changing as people move from one place to another. Hopefully we might be able within few days to start distributing the underwear and training suits and maybe some other material depending on the rising needs.

For those who want to know more about Rashieyeh, many families left after the attack, most of our staff are still there, quantities of food is decreasing and no way to send aid. Mariam reached Saida safely, she managed to secure to kidney dialysis sessions for her mother and is trying to secure a third one as her condition is still in need.

This is all for today as the power will be cut any minute…we will keep in touch and as long as your solidarity continuous we will not loose hope.


Samana päivänä myös Kassem Aina huomioi suomalaisen YK-tarkkailijan kuoleman ja lähetti pahoittelunsa tekstiviestillä Sirkku Kivistölle:


Sorry for the loss of the Finnish UN troop in Kiam* today. Regards to all.

* Khiam on kylä Etelä-Libanonissa lähellä Nabatiehin kaupunkia. Khiamissa sijaitsi Israelin karkotus- ja kuulusteluvankila vuodesta 1985 vuoteen 2000, siihen asti, kun Israelin armeija vetäytyi Etelä-Libanonista.

Jo tätä ennen olimme saaneet sähköpostin:

"Trauma is UNICEF's main concern because it is not visible to the eye but it has a long term effect", Mr. Bustani from UNICEF says.

What some of the displaced children are saying:

Hadi 8 years: "I panic and wake up because of the bombs coming down and exploding like this," he says making the sound of an explosion. The Israeli air strikes have already taken their toll on Hadi's sister, Hiba. "I can still hear the explosions here," pointing to her head. "I have nightmares all the time."

Majed 4 years old gave an amazingly detailed description to what he saw considering his age: "Auntie I want to tell you what happened, I was sitting on my mother's lap on the balcony the planes came, they dropped something that created a huge light and enormous sound. I felt something very hot surrounding me and my face became swollen like a balloon and we were pushed inside the house… I was so scared and started crying."

Mona 6 years girl: "I was standing with my dad near our building when the planes came and dropped explosives. My father carried me and ran towards the shelter, the slippers dropped from his feet and he was walking on shattered hot glass and blood was coming out of his feet.."

Ali 9 years: "When the planes come I no longer can stand on my feet, I feel my legs trembling and try not to tell my mum because she gets so worried and sad."

Firas 10 years: "When the planes went away we found that a car was hit. My mother's cousin was inside, she was killed with the driver, her intestines were outside her body, their flesh and blood was all over the road….it was horrible.."

Samana päivänä saapui vielä ensimmäinen viesti BAS:n Family Guidance Centeristä: sosiaalityöntekijä Elham Shahrourin sähköpostiviesti Sirkku Kivistölle.

Dear Sirkku

Thanks alot for your message, I'm sure that you are with us in this crisis, wish from God to end this war at Lebanon.
I came work yesterday only, we were unable to move from place to other, it was dangerous especially for me, cause I'm living in Southern Suburb so I couldn't be at work.
In general no work at FGC at this period, it is dangerous to bring the children to the center and most of them displaced from Beirut to mountains or to Syria with their families, especially after Rashidieh Camp was attacked by Israel, so the people were scaring from Israel to attack the Camps in Beirut.
We are fine, but we don't know when Israel attack us in our area, she crazy and we can't expect what the next step she will take to destroyed Lebanon.
Thanks again for asking about us, and you can contact Hanan at main office. She can give you a general idea about the situation.

Say hello to Kirsti , wish you all enjoying good health.

Miss you all, bye