Heavy bombardment is targeting every single village in the south and the city of Tyre from the air and sea…

In order to paralyze and create more chaos and suffering in the supposedly safe areas, trucks are being increasingly a target…3 trucks carrying vegetables were hit yesterday in the mountain town of Dhour Choueir the only operating road from this area towards Beirut, another three trucks carrying medical aid were hit in Bekaa while trying to reach Beirut and one driver was killed. "Israel has so far targeted more than 450 trucks both those on the roads or parked", the head of the truck drivers syndicate said.

"Targets range from pickups transporting 300 kilograms of materials to big trucks carrying 40 tons of supplies..."

The government is negotiating to enable UNRWA and CARITAS vehicles carry aid supplies to devastated areas mainly to the people trapped in the Southern camps and Southern Christian villages where many families took refuge, but now are suffering from lack of food, medication and drinking water…Although Beirut airport received some planes, but it is not confirmed till now that the safe corridors are open with guaranteed safety….

Thousands of victims and thousands of horrible stories are circulating around that makes anybody feel angry and helpless.

Zahra gave birth to a premature baby at the back seat of a taxi while trying to reach Tyre with her family. The taxi fell a victim to an air strike that killed her two sons and the baby who was one hour old and barely had a glimpse over this mad world. The mother was badly injured lying down in Tyre hospital while the baby lies inside a tiny plastic back in a refrigerated truck with other victims.

In Beirut Government hospital, the nine years old Samah yielded her small body to the hospital bed trying to find some rest from the pain of her wounds caused by plenty of shrapnels all over her young flesh. She closed her thick eyelashes over tired black eyes, refusing to talk or eat. Samah had a long journey of pain from her village in the south to Tyre hospital and then to Beirut where severe cases are being moved. Samah was in the courtyard of her house when the plane started striking, her mother rushed outside to find her uncle hit in his head and chest while the father was carrying Samah and her eldest daughter bleeding on the ground. The father is still in the village with the remaining three children while the mother moved with Samah.

In an overcrowded school, Khadija around 80 years old was sitting watching some small kids playing when her neighbor came carrying a small sandwich and insisted on Khadija to eat, but she refused, looking at the children she said " they come first they are a priority", Khadija is diabetic and suffers from a bacteria in her right eye, had to suffer for lack of medication; maybe wishing to die decently and be buried decently…
A full country with all its inhabitants and every single thing existing on its surface has been taken hostages, hunted day and night by plane fighters and brave worrier….while innocent people in Lebanon dragging their crosses towards crucifixion the US insisted on NO to cease fire and is shipping more weapons to Israel.

No logic and nothing more to say maybe tomorrow will be another day….