Last Saturday ended by the burial of 31 victims in a collective grave in Tyre…but Sunday morning started with the disgraceful horrifying scenes of the children of Qana…. It was the children of Qana once again Mr. President, their soft bodies received the gifts sent from the children of Israel…it was your smart bombs that discovered the children of Qana launching rockets against your beloved Israel…so licensed to kill a brave pilot warrior murdered in few seconds 63 people!!!! 37 children 15 of them disabled…and we must teach our children the so-called convention on the child's right!!!!!! Or better say lie to them about such rights… but the record of history shows our children something different…it shows them a chain of massacres from Dier Yassin, Quibya, Sabra & Shatilla, Baher el-Bakar, Qana 1, Qana 2 and God knows what else, as if this only democracy in the Middle East cannot survive except on massacres and the bodies of innocent children. Yes they are licensed to murder and make sure that they smother life at its beginning before it blooms… one just wonders if that pilot saw the heaps of small bodies that ended inside small plastic bags, or if Mr. President saw how his smart bombs are chasing cars packed with women and children running for safety or targeting ambulances and trucks carrying food and medical supplies…. and still has the nerve to talk about human rights and bringing democracy to the region…how many children must be murdered to enjoy this precious gift??? How many mothers must see their children ripped apart and be grateful for the coming blissful heaven on earth? Did you Mr. pious President saw the bodies of our children after or before going to the Sunday Mass…? How did you approach God? Grateful for this Mass slaughter?  When you said your Hail Mary did you remember that every single mother in Lebanon and Palestine is a new Mary receiving a Hail of your bombs and deadly missiles over the heads of their children??? Do you now realize that every child in Lebanon and Palestine whether dead or alive is a small crucified Jesus????  We lower our eyes ashamed of what we see but sorry we can no more swallow the great anger boiling inside our hearts…Is it true this anger and shame are going to be the miraculous foundations of the coming PEACE in the NEW MIDDLE EAST!!!!!

Enough…but unfortunately no one hears…. and Miss Rice is still waiting for the appropriate moment to cease-fire!!!

Now for the records the latest list of direct losses for an economy that was trying to recover from a prolonged war:

Death toll: 750, one third of them are children (value over imagination)
Injured 3222 among them a long list of children
Infrastructure: 721 million dollars
Houses, commercial institutions and vehicles 1,144 million
Industrial institutions 180 millions
Fuel stations 26 millions

Is it a world war launched against this small country?